From the most straightforward Magistrates’ Court case to lengthy and complex fraud and murder trials, barristers in our Criminal Practice Group at 5 Pump Court offer a broad range of experience and expertise in the whole field of criminal defence and prosecution work.

Barristers within our Criminal Practice Group act for the prosecution and defence in cases brought by the Crown Prosecution Service, the Department of Trade and Industry, Revenue & Customs, the Inland Revenue, the RSPCA and the Health and Safety Executive. Our Criminal Practice Group barristers are also willing to act in private prosecutions, the Coroner’s Court and Courts Martial.

Additionaly, chambers have recently won tenders

for criminal work from over 20 local authorities and now regularly act on their behalf in mattersranging from benefit fraud, breaches of planning law, trading standards to education act cases.

Barristers in the Criminal Practice Group undertake work throughout the country, with a particular emphasis in London, Kent, Surrey, Essex and Cambridgeshire. Aditionally, barristers in the Criminal Practice Group are regular contributors to our accredited seminar programme.

Numerous members of our Criminal Practice Group are qualified under the Direct Public Access Scheme. To see our Direct Public Access Group please click on Direct Public Access Barristers


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