5 Pump Court regularly carries out work for over 20 local authorities. Cases undertaken by members of Chambers include the following:


Trials, sentences and other hearings in the Magistrates’ and Crown Court in prosecutions for:

  • Benefit fraud
  • ‘Fly tipping’ and littering offences
  • Education Act 1996 offences
  • Breaches of noise abatement notices
  • Breaches of planning enforcement notices, prohibition orders and condition notices
  • Breaches of the Building Regulations
  • Nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1990
  • Trade marks offences
  • Food hygiene offences
  • Offences under the Health and Safety Regulations
  • Street trading offences
  • Members of chambers are also experienced in confiscation proceedings and post-conviction ASBO applications.

Members of Chambers regularly draft indictments, summonses, skeleton arguments and provide written advice on evidence in such cases.


Hearings at all stages of proceedings in:

  • Business and commercial disputes
  • Judicial Review proceedings
  • Licensing applications and appeals (under the Licensing Act 2003, Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006, and Gambling Act 2005)
  • Civil ASBO applications
  • Possession hearings
  • Homelessness appeals
  • Residential Property Tribunal appeals
  • Injunction applications
  • Applications under the Enterprise Act 2002
  • Members of chambers also regularly act as legal advisors to Independent Appeal Panels in school exclusion appeals.

Members of Chambers are experienced at drafting pleadings, skeleton arguments, draft orders and providing written advice.


Members of Chambers regularly act for a number of local authorities in Care Proceedings at all levels.

Members are experienced at drafting threshold documents, draft orders, skeleton arguments and providing written advice in such cases.


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