Our members are involved in the evolution of the law through the cases that they act in. They take an active interest in developments in their field of expertise, and regularly comment on changes to legislation, the implications of case law and the process and tactics best used in different cases. We provide updates on the law to clients through regular training events.

10 Things to Know about Part 36 - if you're a civil litigator, this is a must read!

If you are a junior solicitor/legal executive, trainee or paralegal, we offer bespoke CPD for you! For civil specialists, join our 'Take 5' initiative, high quality CPD delivered by juniors for juniors. During 2022, we are running a series of seminars to tell you 'All you need to know about litigation'. Part 3 covering Evidence: Disclosure and Witness statements will take place on 21 September 2022 at 4.30pm by Zoom. You can register here: 

We are always happy to discuss training sessions for clients, either remotely or in person. If you would like to organise in house training on a particular topic, please contact our Chambers Director or one of our Practice Managers.


Insight into civil

Joseph Meethan ran a webinar on 25 May 2022 about interim applications including relief from sanctions. This is a part of the litigation process which causes a lot of concern and sleepless nights, so if you would like us to provide bespoke training to you, please contact our Chambers Director to agree a date. 

Part 36 is tricky but crucial when trying to settle cases. Read Lucy Meredith's "10 things to Know about Part 36" now in order to make sure you're on top of this part of the CPR.

Lucy Meredith, Dale Timson and William J Richardson ran a webinar in March 2022 about the issue and service of proceedings and Part 18 requests for further information.  


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Family insight

Holly Symonds has written for the Financial Remedies Journal on the case of Hudson v Hathaway. Many of our family and civil team have experience of dealing with TOLATA claims on relationship breakdown and can provide training on this complex area of law. 

Kate Round and Kyle Squire have published an article in Family Law entitled 'Protecting liberty 'in practice': principles and mechanisms for child care lawyers' giving guidance on applications which may involve the deprivation of liberty of a child.

Kate and Kyle also provide regular training to solicitors regarding cases where the family courts and Court of Protection interact. During 2021, they have presented a webinar entitled "Protection of Liberty Applications, both freestanding and arising out of care proceedings" on a number of occasions for different clients. Feedback included "I thought the course was really excellent in terms of content and having the case studies. So glad I attended." and "Thank you very much for the training this evening, very helpful indeed." The webinar will be run again in 2022 - further details will be available here in due course.

Darren Ward presented a seminar about adoption to the London Borough of Ealing in November 2021. Darren, Kemi Ojutiku and Adrian Hall also presented a case update for the London Borough Legal Alliance in June 2021.  . Holly Symonds and Sophie Kay ran a webinar in 2021 entitled "How to get the most from your family barrister"and discussed why, when and how to involve Counsel in your case most effectively. Feedback included "Really useful and interesting". 

We were delighted to host the inaugural event for the Nigeria Group on Private International Law, chaired by Dr Onyoja Momoh in June 2021 and look forward to supporting the group in the future.

If there's a topic that you would like us to present on, please let us know - we are happy to produce seminars which are tailored to our clients' requirements.

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Insight into criminal

Jo Morris wrote for The Times arguing that breaches of the Official Secrets Act do not require further protection

The first novel by Imran Mahmood "You Don't Know Me" has been adapted for television and was shown on the BBC before Christmas 2020 and is now available on Netflix. Imran's knowledge of the criminal justice system, combined with great imagination and a fantastic writing style makes for a brilliant book. His second novel, "I Know What I Saw" was released to critical acclaim in June 2021, and his third novel 'All I Said Was True' was released in July 2022. 

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