Adrian Hall (1989)


Year of call 1989

Areas of practice Children law (public), Court of Protection

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“I am extremely grateful for Mr Adrian Hall in stepping in at short notice when counsel for the Local Authority was taken ill. As always, he mastered his brief and has been helpful in sorting out any issues”

Family court judge


Adrian is calm and reassuring with great technical knowledge built up over many years of experience in the family justice system. He is particularly good at dealing with long hearings in child care proceedings which require great attention to detail and an exceptional grasp of the facts and law.

Adrian’s background includes 7 years as a District Court Officer and Principal Legal Assistant in a local authority, and a period as an in house barrister. He trained in criminal and family litigation but quickly chose to specialise in family law. Since he joined 5 Pump Court in 2007 he has focused on care cases. Adrian’s level of knowledge and skill mean that he is often instructed as a leader, and he works very well with other barristers in long running and difficult cases.

Adrian was also a social worker for 3 years dealing with all aspects of children work.

Adrian specialises in care proceedings acting for Local Authorities, parents and children themselves. He is experienced in all aspects of the process, including Interim Care Orders, lengthy and complex fact finding hearings and applications for supervision orders and adoption.

Adrian understands the interaction between the family and criminal systems which may occur in cases of non-accidental harm or abuse. He has experience of advising in cases where there are multiple children in the same household and the issue is whether the threshold has been crossed in respect of one or more of them.

Adrian is frequently instructed in cases where parents have lost trust in the local authority and require a barrister who is able to approach the matter assertively but with sensitivity and empathy.

Adrian is developing a practice in the Court of Protection, particularly health and welfare discussions. He has experience of DOLS applications, and is good at dealing with cases where there is a cross over with care proceedings.

Adrian is always willing to provide training to clients, and presented a webinar in June 2021 for the LBLA which was a case update covering recent developments in family law. Slides are available here.

To instruct Adrian, please contact Jay Dorton or Stephen Bush


  • LL.B. (Hons), B. Ed University of Hull

Notable Cases

N v M (2019) – as leader represented a father in proceedings who was alleged to have injured his young child in a complex 4 week fact finding hearing.

L V M (2019) – represented a father who had lost trust in the Local Authority and wished to resist a DOLs order and an application for a care order.

K v B & B (2019) – acted for a local authority who changed their instructions on the morning of trial, and negotiated settlement at the door of the court which turned the case from one being settled at the door of the court to one that was fought over 7 days.