James Partridge

Called in 2009

Areas of Practice
Crime, Direct Public Access Barristers


Practice Profile

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LLB (Hons), LLM, Lincoln's Inn Walter Wigglesworth Scholarship Winner


Practice Profile

James’ practice covers exclusively criminal and regulatory matters with an emphasis on sexual offences. He is highly commended for his tact with vulnerable clients and discretion when dealing with delicate issues. 


With an extensive knowledge of computers, James excels in identifying the significance of evidence in cases involving technology. He is often instructed in images cases where expert evidence is required to substantiate the defence. 


James has a particular interest in fraud and other cases involving complex allegations of dishonesty.  With forensic attention to detail, he will identify the key issues in any case.


A robust cross-examiner, James receives praise for the strength of his submissions and the rapport he is able to create with juries. He is willing to provide written or oral advice at the earliest possible juncture. 

Recent Defence Cases

R v. MC [2016] – Making Indecent Images involving complex expert evidence 

R v. JS [2016] – Multiple rape and false imprisonment of defendant's wife

R v. CR [2016] – Indecent Assault on children committed by neighbour in 1970’s

R v. SH [2017] – Sexual Assault by masseuse on clients

R v. MM [2017] – Assault by penetration where victim awoke during the assault

R v. HD [2017] - Counterfeit DVD conspiracy said by The Federation Against Copyright Theft (‘FACT') to be the "biggest and most complex case of this kind that they have seen”

R v. AA [2017] – Marital Rape

R v. RM [2018] – Conspiracy to import cigarettes with total duty evasion of over half a million pounds

R v. GH [2018] – Rape by neighbour

James is qualified to accept instructions under the Bar Council Direct Public Access to Barristers Scheme.


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