Tristan Chaize

Called in 1977

Areas of Practice
Crime, Direct Public Access Barristers


Practice Profile

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Universite de Grenoble (Fr.)
College of Law, London

Practice Profile

Both prosecutes and defends with a particular emphasis on motor vehicle crime (car ringing), drink driving and other motoring offences, supply and importation of drugs, smuggling and serious violence including murder.


Fluent French, Italian

Notable Cases

R v Reeves at the Central Criminal Court. Joint enterprise Murder allegation. Client acquitted. Associated witness intimidation allegation. Separate trial. Client acquitted.

R v Miah at the Central Criminal Court. Murder of 8 month old child. "Baby shaking."

R v Morris. 20 Kg importation of Phenacetin. Aspirin type legal drug used to "cut" Cocaine. Allegation attempted importation of Cocaine. Currently under appeal to Court of Appeal.

R v Burney in the Court of Appeal. Perverting the Course of Justice. False information given in driving accident. Sentence halved.

R v Lin. Southwark Crown Court. Triad kidnap and extortion racket. 6 defendants. Internet used for fraud. Client acquitted.

R v Bottle. Person in authority indecent Assault (sexual touching) on junior employee. Admissibility of company internal enquiry. Does PACE apply? Answer yes. Client acquitted.

R v Wiswambharan. Southwark Crown Court. Indecent Assault on female police officer. Hung jury. Awaiting retrial.

R v Daley. Snaresbrook Crown Court. Road rage motorist running down cyclist.

R v Lankauscas. Snaresbrook Crown Court. Kidnap and extortion of Russian man by Lithuanian gang.


Pop star associated running down (and over) cyclist in road rage incident. Press interest.

Great Train Robbers in large scale Gold VAT fraud. (3 month trial)

Rape. "Victim" being pressured by religious group to give false evidence. Victim under duress.

Rape of 14 year old girl by father in law. False evidence proved by previous similar allegation where victim had confessed falsehood.

Rape of 35 year old woman under very heavy intoxication. Could not remember incident. Forensic evidence plus DNA. Topical. Press interest.

Importation of 400 (sic) Kilos of Heroin in false diesel tank of lorry. Duress by Slovenian "mafia" gang. Other drivers murdered. Biggest ever road importation of Heroin.

Possession with intent to supply 30 Kg Cocaine. Defendant "set up" by cousin. 3 month trial.

Attempted murder. Knife blade 3 inches into head, next to ear. Only realised knife stuck in when tried to use telephone. Knife pulled out by friends and miraculously survived without ill effect. Defendant under influence of Khat. Confessed to police without PACE caution. Inadmissible.

Car ringing scam by serving police serjeant. Used underworld connections to steal nearly new cars. Rung in salvage yard bought by police officer with money earned in Poll tax riots. 3 month trial.

Kidnap and torture of jeweller by crack crazed gang using prostitute under duress as bait. Police used decoy "black cab". First use of stun grenades by police in London street.


R v Bowden. Court of appeal. Recognition by friend or relation still needs Turnbull direction.

R v Wren. Court of Appeal. Counsel and Judge to discuss law prior to summing up. (Now done in every case.) Barrister indecent Assault on nanny. Wrong direction of law given to jury due to mistake in Archbold.

What clients say:

"Once again an excellent service provided by Tristan Chaize and the right result for our client at the end of the day. Always a safe pair of hands!" - Suzy Haines - Lionel Blackman Solicitors

Tristan is qualified to accept instructions under the Direct Public Access to Barristers Scheme

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Tristan is qualified to accept instructions under the Direct Public Access to Barristers Scheme.

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