Pupil barristers (October 2025 start)

We recruit 2 pupils per year with a view to them being future tenants. We are looking for candidates who have a good understanding of what a career at the self-employed Bar entails, and are energised by the thought of frequent advocacy across a wide range of work. We are looking for exceptional candidates who are looking to build a successful career with us and who can demonstrate the following:

  • High level of academic achievement (minimum 2:1 degree in any subject);
  • Excellent advocacy skills and the ability to persuade people to your point of view;
  • Good quality analytical skills; the ability to assimilate complex factual information quickly and accurately and to explain it in relation to the relevant law;
  • Good communication skills, including the ability to explain complex legal issues verbally and in writing;
  • Outstanding inter-personal skills and the ability to form effective working relationships with colleagues, solicitors and clients.

We are recruiting for pupils to start in October 2025 through the Pupillage Gateway

We are an approved AETO looking for pupils who are committed to a career with us. For October 2025, we are offering:

- One common law pupillage (supervisors in civil, criminal and family law); and

- One specialist family law pupillage.

We offer unparalleled advocacy opportunities, and expect pupils in their second 6 to be in court most days. For those considering a role in the judiciary long term, a mixed set provides a fantastic grounding and the ability to demonstrate your flexibility and adaptability.

We offer a Pupillage Award of at least £24,000 (guaranteed payments of £12,000 in first 6, and guaranteed earnings of £12,000 in second 6). However, earnings in second 6 typically exceed the Award substantially and are likely to be between £30,000 - £40,000.

We also:

- Pay travel expenses outside Zone 4 in first 6;

- Provide access to online resources (including Westlaw and LexisNexis) allowing you to work from anywhere;

- Run a bespoke training programme for first 6 pupils which focusses on applications and hearings that pupils will most commonly encounter in second 6.

We have a dedicated pupils room in Chambers so that you always have somewhere to work, and our friendly junior tenants provide pupils with peer support, mentoring and frequent socials. 

We are committed to flexibility and have an extensive flexible working policy. We will consider any request for flexibility within the recruitment process and pupillage itself. For a confidential discussion regarding any request for flexibility, please contact our Chambers Director

If you are looking for an abridged pupillage, please apply through the Pupillage Gateway. Mention in your application that you are looking for a shortened pupillage (as well as the length if you have already received confirmation of that from the BSB). We will consider your application separately from the 12-month pupillage applications, but following the Gateway timetable.

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