Family finances

We advise on the financial implications of relationships, from drafting and advising on pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements to representing clients following the breakdown of a marriage, civil partnership or cohabitation. 

Our barristers represent parties at all stages of ancillary relief proceedings following divorce, from the First Appointment to the FDR to Final Hearing. We are straightforward and pragmatic in our advice, encouraging realistic negotiations but representing clients robustly where settlement cannot be reached. We are frequently asked to advise on complex financial matters including property, pension, business interests and assets held abroad.

We also advise on finances following cohabitation breakdown, particularly claims for maintenance for children and disputes over property ownership. Working closely with our civil property specialists, we act in claims under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act for declarations of interest in property where the legal title does not reflect the true ownership position.

Our barristers are also experienced at advising on enforcement following settlement or an order made by the court. They will advise on the best method of enforcement in the circumstances, and represent clients in any court hearings which are necessary.

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