We are instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service to prosecute difficult, multifaceted cases across the full spectrum of criminal law. Our members are experienced prosecutors, certificated by the CPS at levels 2, 3 and 4 according to their experience. We are thorough and diligent, and will advise at every stage on the prospects of securing a conviction. We are often chosen to act in cases where the law and the facts are complex, and are trusted to provide a high level service throughout.

A number of our barristers are members of the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences panel with particular expertise in prosecuting these types of cases. These prosecutions have to balance the need to ensure that very serious allegations are fairly investigated, with a sensitivity to the suffering of the parties involved. Those barristers who are chosen to be on the RASSO panel have shown particular skill at dealing with cases which often involve harrowing allegations and evidence, and at doing so carefully and fairly. We also have members on the serious violence and extradition panels.

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