“A friendly yet business minded approach make working with 5 Pump Court an ease and a pleasure”


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Year of Silk


Area of practice

  • Business and commercial
  • Employment / Discrimination
  • Regulatory
  • PI / Clinical Negligence / Inquests
  • Children law (public)
  • Family finances
  • Children law (private)
  • Injunctions / Domestic Violence
  • International family law
  • Prosecution
  • Defence
  • Regulatory
  • Court Martial
  • Direct Access
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Adjudication

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Michael Collard (1986)

Michael Collard (1986) Head of Chambers

Sir Ivan Lawrence QC

Sir Ivan Lawrence QC Barrister

Simon Bickler QC

Simon Bickler QC Barrister

Ivan Clarke (1973)

Ivan Clarke (1973) Barrister

John Evison (1974)

John Evison (1974) Barrister

Tristan Chaize (1977)

Tristan Chaize (1977) Barrister

Paul Corben (1979)

Paul Corben (1979) Barrister

Mark Eldridge (1982)

Mark Eldridge (1982) Barrister

Orlando Gibbons (1982)

Orlando Gibbons (1982) Barrister

 Piers Wauchope (1985)

Piers Wauchope (1985) Barrister

Paul Addison (1988)

Paul Addison (1988) Barrister

Adrian Hall (1989)

Adrian Hall (1989) Barrister

Jack Nicholls (1991)

Jack Nicholls (1991) Barrister

Imran Mahmood (1992)

Imran Mahmood (1992) Barrister

Yolanda Solari (1992)

Yolanda Solari (1992) Barrister

Archie Maddan (1993)

Archie Maddan (1993) Barrister

Abimbola Badejo (1993)

Abimbola Badejo (1993) Barrister

Teresa Pritchard (1994)

Teresa Pritchard (1994) Barrister

Kemi Ojutiku (1994)

Kemi Ojutiku (1994) Barrister

Joanne McElroy (1994)

Joanne McElroy (1994) Barrister

Alex Scott-Phillips (1995)

Alex Scott-Phillips (1995) Barrister

Stefan Roy (1996)

Stefan Roy (1996) Barrister

Chris Mitropoulos (1997)

Chris Mitropoulos (1997) Barrister

Beverly Roberts (1998)

Beverly Roberts (1998) Barrister

Simon Sherriff (1999)

Simon Sherriff (1999) Barrister

Ben Long (2000)

Ben Long (2000) Barrister

Andrew Kasriel (2001)

Andrew Kasriel (2001) Barrister

Lynette Calder (2003)

Lynette Calder (2003) Barrister

Catherine Sparks (2003)

Catherine Sparks (2003) Barrister

Sajjad Nabi (2003)

Sajjad Nabi (2003) Barrister

Jo Morris (2003)

Jo Morris (2003) Barrister

Dickon Edwards (2004)

Dickon Edwards (2004) Barrister

Kate Round (2005)

Kate Round (2005) Barrister

Simon Conway (2006)

Simon Conway (2006) Barrister

Kerrie Croxford (2007)

Kerrie Croxford (2007) Barrister

Trisan Hyatt (2009)

Trisan Hyatt (2009) Barrister

Dr Onyója Momoh (2010)

Dr Onyója Momoh (2010) Barrister

Chris Payne (2012)

Chris Payne (2012) Barrister

Kyle Squire (2013)

Kyle Squire (2013) Barrister

Kevin Gordon (2013)

Kevin Gordon (2013) Barrister

Kate Smith (2013)

Kate Smith (2013) Barrister

Michael Hayes (2016)

Michael Hayes (2016) Barrister

Lucy Meredith (2016)

Lucy Meredith (2016) Barrister

Dale Timson (2016)

Dale Timson (2016) Barrister

Nancy Williams (2016)

Nancy Williams (2016) Barrister

Sophie Kay (2016)

Sophie Kay (2016) Barrister

Timothy Greaves (2017)

Timothy Greaves (2017) Barrister

Craig Richardson (2017)

Craig Richardson (2017) Barrister

Holly Symonds (2017)

Holly Symonds (2017) Barrister

Jim Hirschmann (2018)

Jim Hirschmann (2018) Barrister

Darren Ward (2020)

Darren Ward (2020) Barrister

Door Tenants

Crispian Cartwright

Crispian Cartwright Door tenant

Tristram Hodgkinson

Tristram Hodgkinson Door tenant

Simon O'Toole

Simon O'Toole Barrister

Corinna Schiffer

Corinna Schiffer Mediator

Mary Jacobson

Mary Jacobson Door tenant

Trevor Wright

Trevor Wright Door tenant

Jonathan Carter

Jonathan Carter Door tenant

Sally Gilbert

Sally Gilbert Door tenant

Simon Hodgett

Simon Hodgett Door tenant

Emma Easterbrook

Emma Easterbrook Door tenant

Kate Ryle

Kate Ryle Door tenant

Martin McGann

Martin McGann Door tenant

Michael Clancey-Stewart

Michael Clancey-Stewart Door tenant

Edward Dobson

Edward Dobson Door tenant

Matthew Bolt

Matthew Bolt Barrister

Edward Bates

Edward Bates Barrister


Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard Pupil barrister

William Richardson

William Richardson Pupil barrister


Clare Kelly

Clare Kelly Chambers Director

Jay Dorton

Jay Dorton Practice Manager (Family)

John Wooloughan

John Wooloughan Practice Manager (Criminal)

Greg Piner

Greg Piner Practice Manager (Civil)

Stephen Bush

Stephen Bush Assistant Practice Manager

Dee Taylor-Nelson

Dee Taylor-Nelson Accounts Manager

Rupinder Batth

Rupinder Batth Fees Clerk