Pro bono and volunteering

Many of our members provide pro bono advice and representation to those who are in need of free legal assistance. This is primarily provided through Advocate. Kevin Gordon recently acted in a contested private law matter over 4 days before a Circuit judge with involved cross examination of expert witnesses, giving over 60 hours of advice and representation free of charge. Kemi Ojutiku represented a client at a final hearing free of charge when the client was unable to afford representation. Craig Richardson represented Molly, a mother in danger of losing her child whose story is featured on the Advocate website. Click here to read her story. 

Joseph Meethan volunteers for the Bankruptcy Representation Scheme held at the Rolls Building, helping debtors navigate the insolvency and companies court.

Iona Gallagher has completed the Pupil Pledge in 2024, undertaking pro bono work for Advocate in her Second 6.

Holly Symonds has previously completed the 25 for 25 challenge for Advocate completing over 25 hours of pro bono advice in a year.

Other members who have volunteered with Advocate include Simon O'Toole whose client said: "I have been extremely lucky to have the wisdom of such a wonderful human being and barrister. My faith in the legal system is renewed because of this person's belief in justice".


Our members actively support the future of the profession by getting involved in initiatives through the Inns of Court to train current and future barristers. Trisan Hyatt regularly trains students, and took part in an ethics training session for pupils in November 2023 with Paul Shadarevian KC. They also take part in efforts to inform students and schools about the opportunities available in the legal profession and particularly at the self-employed Bar. 

Many members and staff are involved as volunteers in charities and community groups and as trustees and board members of charitable organisations, and play an active role in their local communities. Many of these groups are connected with their specialist practice areas.