Monaco Yacht Show

9th October 2023

Monaco Yacht Show

The 32nd Monaco Yacht Show took place from 27 - 30 September 2023, showcasing some of the most spectacular superyachts in the world as well as providing information and insight on a huge number of yacht-related issues. The mood was optimistic and it was great to have the opportunity to speak to those in the industry about the issues which are currently affecting them. 

Ownership of a superyacht is not all just about sailing, relaxing and enjoying the ocean air. There are multiple issues which have to be considered - from the initial purchase and fit out, to the staffing, to the location and mooring of the vessel. In addition, and one of the main issues highlighted at the Show, is the environmental context and attempting to ensure that luxury yachts are as sustainable and carbon-neutral as possible. 

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Show is the display of superyachts - said to be the largest in the world! The organisers stated aim is "to make the show a true "ecosystem" of yachting, by promoting environmentally responsible innovation and offering visitors an immersive and educational discovery of the latest and most innovative yachting trends". Of course, seeing other yachts and speaking with shipyards and companies involved in fit outs, may well inspire owners to undertake work on their own yacht. This is an area where I was heavily involved as a captain and where I can now provide legal advice - both on the terms of the contract and on the strategy if anything goes wrong. 

Monaco provides a stunning backdrop for all those in the superyacht industry to meet, discuss ideas, and go away dazzled by the incredible boats on display. As usual, it fulfilled all of those aims! Central London courts and arbitration suites are not always quite so glamorous, but often form the backdrop to yachting disputes which are frequently litigated or arbitrated in England and Wales. 

Matthew accepts instructions in any disputes (whether in litigation or arbitration) over superyachts from contractual disputes about purchase or fit out, to disputes with captains and crew, to dealing with injuries suffered by those on board. You are welcome to contact Matthew himself or his Practice Manager Rob Johnstone to discuss legal issues on which you need advice or to book Matthew for a hearing. 

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