Mediation is a voluntary process during which parties attempt to reach a settlement of their dispute, with the help of a trained mediator. The mediator does not act as a judge, but works with the parties to identify potential grounds of settlement and (hopefully) to reach an agreement which can be encapsulated in a binding contract or court order. Our barristers are skilled and experienced mediation advocates, and can advise on the acceptable parameters of settlement, represent parties during mediation, and draft a suitable settlement agreement.

A number of our members are also trained mediators. Their knowledge of both the relevant law and the legal process mean that they are very well placed to grasp the issues quickly, particuarly in cases involving specialist points of law (such as property, employment or family disputes). Our mediators are good at building relationships of trust, and at working with parties and their legal teams to resolve disputes on terms which are acceptable to all sides.

Specialists in this field