“It fills me with confidence to instruct a barrister like Ben who knows what he's doing”


Ben Long is a highly experienced personal injury barrister, having specialised in this area of law for over 20 years. He deals with a wide range of cases where clients have suffered physical and/or psychological injuries. Ben is particularly experienced at cases arising from road traffic accidents, both in terms of the personal injury claims that might arise but also any credit hire claims.

Ben also acts in family law cases relating to children, particularly residence and contact disputes. He represents clients seeking emergency injunctions from the court and is very good at mastering the details of a case on very short notice.  

Around Court and in chambers Ben is known for being charming, easy-going and unflappable. He is very good at building constructive, trusting relationships with clients particularly those who find the process of litigation very stressful. This calm measured approach is appreciated by judges, who find Ben’s ability to get straight to the heart of a problem without fuss, invaluable.

Personal injury

Ben’s personal injury practice involves public, employer's and road traffic liability. He acts for both claimants and defendants in relation to accidents which have led to physical or psychological injuries. He has a lot of experience at dealing with cases where there are allegations of fraud or fundamental dishonesty particularly in respect of claims arising out of road traffic accidents.

Ben undertakes all forms of representation including advisory work, drafting and advocacy. He regularly appears in the County Courts and High Court. Ben has sound judgment and is often brought in early on in cases to help devise strategies going forward.



Ben is experienced at representing clients at inquests, and is familiar with the law and process of the inquest system. He is often a source of confidence and comfort to clients who find the process daunting. He is empathetic and able to appreciate the human element of these cases, in addition to the law.  


Ben is also very experienced at dealing with credit hire cases. He has experience of arguing all aspects of these cases, including the crucial question of whether the claimant was truly impecunious. He is also experienced at dealing with issues such as the rate and period of the hire required, the costs of recovery and storage of the damaged vehicle, and proportionality.

Ben is very knowledgeable about the law in credit hire cases. He is a good choice of Counsel for more difficult cases – where the facts are finely balanced, or the witnesses require very careful cross examination.

Children law (private)

Ben acts in cases relating to children, particularly where there are residence or contact disputes. He understands that cases involving children are often very emotionally charged, and works hard to reassure his clients.

Ben is often instructed at an early stage of a dispute and represents his clients at every stage, providing consistent advice and reassurance about the process. He is able to advise realistically about the orders which a judge could make, and to assist in negotiations outside court. If settlement is not possible he will represent his clients robustly but sensitively, in a manner which is appropriate to the allegations involved.

Ben is able to accept instructions for emergency injunctions, especially those where there are allegations of domestic violence. He is very good at mastering the facts of a case quickly and representing his client effectively.


To instruct Ben in civil cases please contact Rob Johnstone

To instruct Ben in family cases please contact Jay Dorton or Stephen Bush


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