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Beverly specialises in family law. She is regularly instructed in cases relating to children. She acts in financial disputes arising out of relationship breakdown. She represents clients in cases with an international element, including child abduction cases. She is known for her strong advocacy skills and tenaciousness. She is very good at assimilating large amounts of information and evidence, and deploying it in the best way for her clients.

Beverly has a pragmatic approach to dealing with difficult cases, and will fight for her clients to the very end.  She does not take no for an answer! Beverly is friendly and approachable, and both clients and solicitors highly recommend her. 

Client testimonials include:

" Beverly came just at the right time but most difficult one too. She read almost thousand pages and went through every order that has been made in last 3-4 years. She is extremely professional but also very caring, understanding and non judgmental. 

She will fight for the right and fair outcome and she will stand by her client until very end. 

Beverly has a lovely personality and sense of humour, she will always give you right advise. Beverly is direct and will ask all the necessary questions, she will get familiar with your case and know it inside out. Beverly has years of experience within family matters and her experience really came through when she represented me." 

"What can I say about Beverly?? What an amazing woman! My ex partner took me to court for the 3rd time last year the latest one was issued with just a weeks notice right before the Christmas period. Beverly was an absolute star having such a short period of time to try and understand and very complex family case, within moments of speaking to her it was very clear she had total understanding of my case and the situation I was dealing with. During court she was nothing but professional but certainly wasn’t taking any other the nonsense from the apposing barrister and stood her ground to achieve what was best for my son. Thanks to Bev we have finally reached the end of a very long drawn out court battle with fantastic results. I would highly highly recommend her for any kind of family law. She is worth her weight in gold!"

"Bev Roberts is a powerhouse! We met her eight months in to an extremely difficult family court process where we had been, we felt, caught in the system - false accusations, visits to contact centres and little chance for my son to see his daughter and I, my granddaughter.

Bev picked up the bundle, absorbed it in an instant and never took no for an answer. She is fearless and certainly knows her business. She tackled and crushed bias and has turned everything round for my son, granddaughter and I so that our ‘normal’ family life can at last return. On top of all that, she has a wicked sense of humour which helped us remain calm in the most painful of situations. We cannot thank her enough."

Being the Opponent and litigant in person in a family law matter, I met Beverly who was representing the Applicant. I was extremely fortunate to find that Beverley made me feel at ease, took the time to listen and explain the procedure. Moreover, she was extremely attentive, very approachable and down to earth. Thank you for all your help. 

“Beverly is a remarkable person. Not only in her profession, but in character. With ease and not many words of explanation needed, she understood the circumstances and details of my case and began to act swiftly and with the necessary force, always being one step ahead, considering action-reaction and, at the same time, all other possible ways forward. Beverly struck me as an exceptionally hard working, honest, loyal and down-to-earth person, readily giving straight forward advise and truly "jumping-in" whenever needed. With Beverly on one's side, one feels in safe hands. I highly recommend her."

“Also I would like to comment that she was brilliant and it's refreshing to finally find someone who knows the legal situation and I was amazed how quickly she picked it up and whizzed through the calculations!  In addition she was a nice character which enabled me to relax somewhat in a very difficult situation.”

'Bev literally changed my children’s lives and mine. Bev cut through the mire of false allegations and nonsense being thrown in my direction and convinced the court to concentrate on what really mattered and that was my children were being alienated from me and unless something was done immediately they would grow up essentially without a dad. The result was common sense but far from guaranteed after the first two hearings which I struggled through unrepresented. Without Bev my children wouldn’t be in the happy position of having me as an integral part of their lives. I’m emotional writing this and still can’t thank her enough. Simply outstanding and without question the best decision I have ever made in my life to secure her services.'

Children law (private)

Beverly regularly advises on applications under the Children Act for orders in respect of residence and/or contact. She has a huge amount of experience of these types of applications, and is often instructed in intractable contact disputes. Her negotiation and advocacy skills serve her clients well and frequently lead to a breakthrough enabling the case to be resolved.

Beverly is used to dealing with lengthy fact finding hearings with voluminous evidence. She is experienced at advising on cases involving allegations of sexual abuse, non-accidental injury, neglect, psychological harm to children and parental alienation. Beverly does not shy away from asking difficult questions, and will act with the necessary force to get the right result for her clients.

Beverly is very popular with solicitors and clients, and is known for giving well thought out and firm advice in relation to residence and contact matters.

Children law (public)

Beverly’s public law practice includes care proceedings and adoption.  She acts for parents and extended family members, as well as for the children themselves.

Beverly is compassionate and attentive, and never loses sight of the fact that the proceedings are life changing for the family involved. She is good at representing vulnerable clients and ensuring that their position is protected. She is experienced at cross examining both lay and expert witnesses in an appropriate manner.

Beverly is often instructed in cases where there are very distressing facts and allegations of abuse or neglect. She is realistic, forceful, and relentlessly child focused. 

International family law

Beverly acts in cases with an international element, including applications for leave to remove children from the jurisdiction and child abduction cases. She has a lot of experience of international work, both Hague and non-Hague Convention cases, and abduction within and outside the UK. Beverly also acts in cases relating to the placement of a child outside the jurisdiction, location orders and other Tipstaff orders.

Family finances

Beverly is instructed in financial remedy matters arising from relationship breakdown. She is often instructed at an early stage of such disputes, and advises prior to the issue of applications right through to final hearings. She will advise clients on a realistic outcome, and work hard to achieve the best for them.

Beverly has experience of cases involving foreign elements, company accounts, and tracing hidden assets. She does not shy away from asking difficult questions, and forcing her opponents to engage with the issues in a case.

Beverly also deals with Schedule 1 and TOLATA claims arising out of cohabitation or joint purchases of property. She is able to provide well thought through advice at an early stage to try and settle such claims, but is not afraid to advise and proceed with the matter to Court if settlement is unachievable


To instruct Beverly please contact Jay Dorton or Stephen Bush.


  • Family Law Bar Association
  • Middle Temple Advanced Advocacy Trainer
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