Joanne McElroy (1994)


Year of call 1994

Areas of practice Children law (public), Children law (private), Property and construction

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Joanne is a busy dedicated family practitioner, specialising in family law including private and public children law. She has a lot of experience in complex and difficult cases, and works tirelessly for her clients in order to get the right result in court.

Joanne has a winning way which makes her a popular choice with clients and solicitors alike.  She is very good at building and maintaining effective working relationships. Joanne has also developed a reputation for combining shrewd negotiating tactics with persuasive advocacy skills.   

Joanne has a thriving public law practice, and is often chosen by solicitors and clients to deal with cases that are complicated both factually and legally. She represents parents, grandparents, guardians and vulnerable clients. She is very experienced at dealing with vulnerable clients in court, whether or not they are her client, and is able to deal with cross-examination and arguments in a way which is appropriate to the individual case.

Joanne’s practice encompasses complex fact finding hearings and welfare issues involving non accidental injury, severe neglect and substance abuse. Joanne is also very experienced at dealing with emergency interim care applications.

Joanne’s busy private practice is dedicated to cases involving children, both in the UK and internationally. Within private law proceedings Joanne acts in child arrangement disputes involving issues relating to contact and residency, as well as removal in Hague Convention cases.

Joanne also is experienced in complex private law proceedings dealing with issues such as domestic abuse, substance misuse, physical and emotional harm, psychological harm and abduction cases. Her thorough understanding of the law and commitment to her clients mean that she is sought out by solicitors in difficult cases.

Joanne has a strong background in landlord and tenant law, in which she practised for many years. She maintains a selective practice in this area, regularly sitting as legal clerk for the London Borough of Southwark Arbitration Service.  

To instruct Joanne please contact Jay Dorton or Stephen Bush.