Mark Eldridge (1982)


Year of call 1982

Areas of practice Prosecution, Defence

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“Thank you for…the top level advocacy in this case”

CPS lawyer


Mark is an extremely experienced and formidable advocate who is used to dealing with cases of the utmost seriousness. Mark is especially good at dealing with difficult cases and obtaining results for clients which might have seemed unachievable at the outset.

Mark, a lawyer with experience in areas outside of crime, principally conducts very serious trials in the Crown Court, and is thus frequently instructed in the Court of Appeal. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of criminal law and procedure. He is highly valued by solicitors who appreciate his careful and efficient preparation, clear advice, court presence and dedication.

Mark specialises in cases involving serious violence including attempted murder and serious sexual cases. He is highly intelligent and able to keep an eye on the big picture of a case whilst dealing with the detail. He is a robust and compelling advocate, prosecuting and defending with gravitas and charm.

Mark is a highly experienced prosecution advocate and is instructed by the Crown in extremely serious cases. He is at the top - Level 4 for the CPS and has prosecuted numerous rapes and other serious sexual offences extensively.

Most of Mark’s cases involve serious violence and especially attempted murder as well as the full range of sex offences against adults and children.  He has prosecuted the widest range of offences including arson, firearms, drugs, kidnapping, perverting the course of justice, cruelty to children, domestic violence, death by dangerous driving etc.   He manages multi-defendant cases and complex cases and makes them simple

Mark is instructed in a wide range of cases for the defence in the Crown Court – e.g. arson, sex, smuggling and money laundering.  He recognises the devastating effect that conviction would have on the lives of his clients and will fight to get the right result for them in court.

Mark has an eye for detail and is able quickly to identify the key issues and facts required for a successful defence. He is a highly persuasive advocate before juries.


Mark has significant experience in matters involving professional regulation; specialising in those connected to the criminal justice system such as police tribunals.

He has prosecuted extensively for Hampshire Constabulary and has defended in London in police disciplinary matters.

He has defended before the PCC of the General Council of the Bar.

He has been instructed in a Public Enquiry (Parliamentary Boundary Commisssion).

To instruct Mark please contact John Wooloughan.


  • University of Lancaster (1975-1978): BA Hons
  • City University (1979-1980): Dip in Law
  • Inns of Court School of Law (1980-1981): Bar Finals


  • Grays Inn (Call 1982)
  • Inner Temple Ad eundem
  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Bar European Group
  • Western Circuit
  • South-Eastern Circuit


  • French (conversational)

Notable Cases

R v Ormes (2021): Successfully prosecuted an attempted murder case where the defendant stabbed a friend in his flat in the neck and tried to smother him.  He had done the same before some years before.

R v Kalengula & Kadima (2015): Both defendants convicted of attempted murder after an 8-day trial at Wood Green Crown. CPS instruction. 

R v Webster (2015): Defendant convicted of attempted murder after a 5-day trial at Woolwich Crown Court. CPS instruction.

R v Jefferson (2015): Defendant convicted of attempted murder after a 2-day trial at Southwark Crown Court. CPS instruction.