Piers has an successful family law practice, acting in all types of public and private Children Act proceedings. A naturally friendly person, Piers is good at quickly building rapport with clients and building strong working relationships. He is able to bring significant experience and understanding to the difficulties and anxieties felt by parents at risk of losing their children whether through separation or the instigation of care proceedings.

Piers also retains a limited criminal defence practice which is linked to his family work. He understands the interplay between family and criminal proceedings, and is able to utilise his advocacy and cross examination skills to best effect in both jurisdictions. He is very good at quickly mastering the facts of a case, and therefore ideal for emergency applications being made on short notice.

Children law (public)

Piers is frequently instructed in respect of public law Children Act proceedings. He has a lot of experience in acting for parents who are facing the difficult and stressful prospect of having their children removed, but also acts for local authorities, potential guardians and children themselves.

Piers is experienced in dealing with cases where there are allegations of harm and non-accidental injury, and has a growing practice in cases where there are allegations of psychological harm.

Children law (private)

Piers advises in private applications under the Children Act, and is experienced in dealing with dispute resolution hearings, final hearings and advising on paper. He is clear and down to earth in his advice, and will fight hard for his clients in order to ensure that they achieve the best outcome possible.

With thirty years of experience at both the Criminal and Family Bar, he has an impressive court presence and proven ability in cross examination. He specialises in matters concerning parental alienation and where allegations of violence (including sexual violence and harm) have been made against a parent.

Injunctions / Domestic Abuse

Piers acts in cases where there are allegations of domestic abuse and where emergency applications for injunctions have to be made. His years of his experience in this area of the law mean that he is quickly able to absorb the facts of a situation, advise on the likely prospects of success and represent the client effectively. He is able to accept instructions on short notice, and to advise quickly when required.

Crime (defence)

Piers retains a selective criminal defence practice, accepting instructions in a small number of specialist cases where there is a particularly novel element or a connection to his family practice.  He is often requested by family clients who subsequently face criminal proceedings and who have confidence in his advice and advocacy.

Piers has practiced in the full range of criminal cases, but has particular experience in cases involving firearms, serious violence and drugs.


To instruct Piers in a family law case, please contact Jay Dorton.

To instruct Piers in a criminal case, please contact Stephen Bush.


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