In arbitration, a dispute is referred to an independent arbitrator. After receiving evidence from all parties, the arbitrator makes an award which is legally binding and enforceable in court. Arbitration has traditionally been used to resolve commercial disputes, but is increasingly being used in other areas of law including employment and family law. Arbitration has the advantages that the parties have control over the process, are not subject to the delays which often exist in the justice system and that it is a more private process than litigation.

Our barristers are able to represent clients going through the arbitration process or who need to enforce an arbitration award. We also have members who are experienced, specialist arbitrators, with experience of determining disputes that are referred to them in a way which suits the parties involved. They can determine disputes on the papers. They are also generally available to travel to the location of the parties and/or to organise weekend hearings, thus saving time and additional stress.

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