Our public access barristers can be directly engaged by you without the need for a solicitor, potentially saving time and cost and giving you access to high quality legal advice and representation.

Using a barrister

Many of our barristers are trained to provide clients with direct access to expert legal assistance. We can represent you in court or tribunal; help you to prepare documents and statements for use in legal proceedings; and give you expert advice on your legal position.

Normally barristers are engaged by solicitors but direct access allows you to choose the barrister you want, work with them personally and get easy access to very high quality advice and representation. We can offer direct access in all areas of practice at affordable rates.

Further information about the scheme from the Bar Standards Board is available here

A useful guide

How much will it cost?

When you instruct one of our barristers, we will agree with you what work is to be carried out, and a fixed fee for that work so that you can control your legal expenses. We require payment in advance for public access work. 

Occasionally, we will agree an hourly rate with an estimate of the number of hours work required. The hourly rate agreed will depend on the complexity of your case; the experience of the barrister you choose; and how urgently the work has to be undertaken. We pride ourselves on providing high quality advice and representation at an affordable and transparent rate.

How to apply

If you wish to engage one of our barristers on a direct access basis, we will need some information about your case. Please complete our application form in as much detail as possible, and email it to our Practice Managers. We will respond as soon as possible. 

If you know which barrister you wish to instruct, you are welcome to email their Practice Manager directly. You will find details of their Practice Manager on their profile.

If your matter is urgent, please telephone us on 020 7353 2532.

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